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Elements of This Research Project

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§ Information Related to This Research Project and Websites§

1.Cyber Fair Works Website

2.Our School Home Page
3. Completion Date of This Research Project: December 25, 2003
4.Our School: Taoyuan County Shin-po Elementary School
5.Instructors: Mr. Yang Hau-cheng, Miss Lin Jing-feng, and Miss Wang Ting-yi
6.Number of students participating in This Research Project: 9 Students
7.Students’ Age: 11-12 Years Old
8.E-mail Address:
§Overview of This Research Project§
1.The Cyber Fair We Attend
     Local Leaders
2.Introduction of Our Community

Geographical Location:

  Guan-yin is in the northwest of Taoyuan County, facing the Taiwan Strait and bordering Ta-yuan, Chung-li and Shin-wu. Guan-yin consists of (1) Guan-yin Area (2) Tsau-ta Area (3) Shin-po Area.

This countryside looks like a triangle with a coastline of fifteen kilometers that is the longest of all the four coastal towns in Taoyuan County. 

During the Ching Dynasty, Taiwanese (people from the southern part of Fukien Province), and Hakkas (people moving from northern to southern China during periods of invasions by the northern tribes in Chinese history) immigrated to Guan-yin one after another. Taiwanese migrated here by way of Shiu-tsuo Fishing Port and Da-yuan in the north, while Hakkas settled here through Shin-ju area in the south. Thus, the three areas “Guan”, “Tsau-ta” and “Shin-po” were gradually developed. Each village formed its unique cultural characteristics. So the phenomena of development here were different from those in the other areas in Taoyuan County.

                                       Guan-yin Area: There are nine villages, including Guan-yin, Bai-yu, Da-tan, Bau-sheng, Wu-wei, San-he, Keng-wei, Guang-shing and Shin-shing. The local inhabitants are mostly Hakkas, and Hakka is their common dialect.

                                         Tsau-ta Area:   There are five villages, including Tsau-ta, Fu-lin, Shu-lin, Ta-jiau and Bau-jang. Most of the inhabitants are Taiwanese, speaking Taiwanese.

                                         Shin-po Area:   There are nine villages in this area. The five villages, Shin-po, Guang-fu, Da-tung, Da-ku and Luen-ping, are inhabited both by Taiwanese and Hakkas. In general, they speak Taiwanese and therefore Hakka is seldom used for communication. In the other four villages, Jin-hu, Lan-pu, Shang-da and Fu-yuan, due to the fact that there are more Hakkas than Taiwanese, these villagers speak both Taiwanese and Hakka.

         Each of the above-mentioned three areas has developed their own special local color as a result of different ethnic groups, dialects, and the transition of time.

The Origins of the Place Names of “Guan-yin” and “Shin-po”
The Early Life in Guan-yin 

     In Guan-yin Area, Guan-yin Village has a beautiful legend, which is most meaningful to the villagers. It tells the origin of the name of this village.

    On April 22, the tenth year of the Emperor Shian-feng of the Ching Dynasty, after an afternoon heavy rain, when Huang Deng-cheng, a farm laborer, was returning from work, he saw a natural stone drifting on a stream. It looked like Goddess of Mercy (Guan-yin in Chinese). Out of curiosity, he waded into the middle of the stream to pick up that stone and then put it at the roadside.

At that time, there were only nine families, living in this village. The villagers lived a poor, hard life. They needed religious belief. Therefore, they built a straw hut for the stone and worshiped it reverently as Goddess of Mercy, hoping to get spiritual comfort. They called it “Stone Guan-yin”.


The fishing pond in back of Shin-po Elementary School

       Shin-po means “New Slope” because it is composed of two heights with a lot of ponds in between. The northeastern height is 70 meters above sea level, and the southwestern height is 50 meters above sea level. During the years of the Emperor Chian-lung of the Ching Dynasty, the northeastern height was uncultivated grassland, called “Green Land.” On the other hand, the southwestern height was inhabited by the Wang family in the early days. Later, the villagers developed the two heights and grew crops with the water of the ponds in between. So it was called “New Slope” (Shin-po in Chinese).

Transportation and Agricultural Produce

(1)   Transportation

(A)   If you come from Taipei area, you may take Sun Yat-sen Freeway to Chiang Kai-shek International Airport Exit, and then make your exit through Da-yuan Exit. Afterwards, Take the Fifth Coastal Expressway for 39.5 kilometers to Guan-yin. Then you can see Bau-jiang Temple on the left in Tsau-ta Village.

(B)   If you come from the areas south of Shin-ju County, you may take the Fifth Coastal Expressway, and directly enter Guan-yin Village.

(C)   If you come from the central or southern part of this island, you may take Sun Yat-sen Freeway and make your exit through Shin-wu Exit, and then you can reach Guan–yin by way of Shin-wu Village.

(2)   Agricultural Produce

Guan-yin is an important granary of Taoyuan County. The main agricultural produce includes savory rice, fragrant and juicy watermelons, and famous lotuses with the lotus season activities.
3.The Goal of This Research Project

      The memories and joys of childhood are unforgettable forever. Parents often introduce traditional children’s folk games and toys to their kids. Though the games and toys might be somewhat clumsy, kids will be fascinated by the toy games once they know how to play.

4.Our Website Network
      Our school network system adopts TANET scholastic cyber-net, linking Central University system by way of Taoyuan County network center. Members can surf the Internet by way of ADSL.
5.The Difficulties We Have Overcome

        The major difficulty we encounter in the research process is the making of home page. Among our research group, only Meng-ru and Wan-ping have the experience of making home page, but they have basic skills only. Therefore, though we have tried our best to gather all the materials and to record the process of activities, we still have a hard time presenting them by way of the network.    However, thanks to the aid of our computer instructor, who teaches us how to make use of computer hardware and software at noon break. The process is very tough, but we enjoy the fruits of our labors!

6.Feelings and Feedback



        One month has passed. For the sake of my school’s fame and glory, we have tried our best to collect materials, arrange interviews, and keep records. Though the work is laborious, it is a very worthwhile experience. As the old saying goes, “Time is money.” We realize the importance of time. With all of our efforts, we are waiting for the triumphant moment. May God bless us!


         Ah! We are going to finish the making of the home page. Though I feel relaxed now, I cherish this precious time doing the research with my teammates. In the beginning, whenever my teacher asks me to hand in a life report, I am always at a loss, not knowing what to begin with. But now it is easy and interesting for me to make reports. I realize that knowledge is accumulated day by day.


       It is a tough job to participate in this competition. However, as Edison said, “Genius is ninety-nine percent perspiration.” I will do my best. After a long period of hard work, we finally see the fruits of our efforts. I can relieve the pressure of the workload. Though I am not an Edison, I have gained a lot from this experience.


        I still remember the time when my teacher came to me. At first, I did not know what was going on until my teacher told me that we wanted to take part in the contest. Though I felt excited, I knew that I had to work very hard for a long time. Sometimes I feel like giving up, but my teacher always gives me timely support and encouragement. Now our job is going to be finished. I feel grateful to all the teachers and fellow members, for I have got a sense of achievement from this valuable experience.


        At first, I also got no idea at all. But when my teacher told me to enroll myself in the Internet, I knew I was a member of this team. Excited and honored, I determine to try my best to fulfill my job. Besides, with the encouragement and support of my dear teacher, I have learned a lot. I will always cherish this beautiful memory, and I hope I can participate in this kind of competition again next year when I am a junior high school student.


        I have worked about a month. Though it is very hard, it pays off. We have spent a lot of time checking materials, having interviews, and making reports. We strive for success to honor our school. As time for preparations is limited, we run with time in the hope of finishing our work early. From this experience, I learn that time is like a magician, playing tricks on us. We have to realize all of our potential to overcome difficulties and do a good job.


        Ah! I have suffered enough. Bless me before I go down. Doing detailed reports is by no means a piece of cake. However, I have conquered my fear and difficulties. The success of this project is mainly the result of good teamwork. I appreciate the instruction of my teachers and the cooperation of the whole team


         In the beginning, I thought the making of home page was time-consuming, but I thought that we must have courage to reach our goal. No pains, no gains. In the course of our teamwork, we have developed precious friendship. I hope that we can win a big prize in the contest. With the coming of the completion of our website, we will part company soon. I will treasure this memory for good.


During this month when we work together, I have gained a lot. I have learned how to get along with teammates, solve problems, and overcome difficulties. In addition, I have acquired the skills to create a fun website successfully. I have got a sense of achievement, too.

        The deepest impression is that we pay a visit to Mr. Lin Shin-lai’. He is full of imagination, leading a colorful life with his folk toys. He is very amiable, and his folk games remind us of the joys of childhood in the ancient times. 


Lin Jing-feng

         The memory of growing up in childhood is the most meaningful in our life. Nowadays most children have lost their innocence, so I try to retrieve their innocence by introducing them the traditional folk games. The children in the countryside are especially teachable, for they have less pocket money and temptation. Teachers can easily bring happiness to them by introducing children’s folk games, and teaching them to make folk toys. Thus, students can have a field trip to understand the early country life-style and experience the joys of different times.

Wang Ting-yi

        Teamwork and cooperation have impressed me most deeply in the course of the research activities. Only by mutual cooperation can we create the best result. Though the students have sacrificed a lot of their leisure for fun, they have gained plenty of knowledge and experience. Rome was not built in a day. We appreciate the support of the authorities concerned, for they kindly offer us this opportunity to learn and enrich our life. Besides, such activities also encourage students’ active involvement and learning.

Yang Hau-cheng

         With the development of technology, the computer has played an essential role in doing research. In the process of this research, apart from the collection and organization of materials, the making of website is a very difficult job. Unlike the schools in the modern city, this is a countryside elementary school without sufficient information equipment. Besides, there are no computers in students’ homes, let alone use the Internet. However, we manage to conquer the difficulties only with the help of the old computers in my school. Though this research project is exhausting, it is a worthwhile mission.

§Elements of This Research Project§

1. Connection between the Research Project Activities of the Cyber Fair with the Nine-year Affiliated Courses

        In the process of this research, we have learned many ways of making Children’s folk toys and playing children’s folk games. We also realize the delicacy of children’s folk games through real operation. They not only provide amusement, but also arouse students’ power of reasoning.

Children’s folk games can be divided into three categories. One is the intelligence game, another is the rural game, and the other is the improvisatory game. These learning materials are very helpful to education. We try to use different materials to create our own children’s folk toys. Though we encounter many difficulties, we solve them one by one with the help of the master of children’s folk games. We show sincerity and enthusiasm in our works even if the works are not as delicate as ready-made toys on sale.

In the making of our website, we learn a lot of knowledge and skills about computer technology. We also integrate computer information into our daily life. Though we have sacrificed a lot of our leisure time and have been devoted to this research project for a long time, we firmly believe that efforts are fruitful.

This project “Children’s Folk Game Experts” is closely related to the nine-year affiliated courses, including:

Language Field

(A)   Analyzing the research project, and the collection and integration of materials.

(B)   Improving communication and discussion by visiting Master Lin Shin-lai.

Social Field

           (A)   Understanding local people’s characteristics.

         (B) Understanding the agricultural produce and cultural color of Shin-po Area.
Natural and Technological Field

(A)   Using various kinds of information software effectively and efficiently.

         (B) Learning to integrate technology into our daily life.        
Artistic Field

(A)   Developing creativity and expressing one’s own idea through children’s folk games.

(B)   Using different materials to create interesting children’s folk games.

        (C)Appreciating the sense of beauty expressed by different children’s folk games.
Synthetic Field         (A)Uniting the power of teamwork and reaching the goal cooperatively.

        (B)Exploring questions, making plans, pondering for answers, and sharing discussions.

Math Field

(A)   Solving problems by practicing and operation.

        (B)Analyzing and reasoning logically.
Health and Physical Education Field

(A)  Coordinating physical movements

        (B)Developing skills of children’s folk games
2. Computer Software and Hardware Used to Edit This Cyber Fair Research Project
Software Function
Uiead PhotoImact 6.0 Photo composition
FrontPage 2000 Producing & Editing Home Page


Producing & Editing Home Page

ACDSee 4

Photo Editing

NameWebeditor 4.0

Producing & Editing Home Page
Word 2000 processing Files

Internet Explorer 5.0

Searching Relevant Information Teacher and Students
OpenWebmail Communication between T
LeapFTP Transmitting Information
Movie Maker 2 Movie Making
Scanner Scanning Picture
Canner Taking Pictures
Digital Canner Taking Pictures

Digital Video Canner

Audio Recording
Recorder  Visual Recording
Printer  Printing Materials

3. Methods We Use to Play the Role of the “Ambassador” or Spokesperson of the Cyber Fair Research Project and to Find a Suitable Person to Be the Focus of Attention

       Instead of the Internet, We get acquainted with Mr. Lin Shin-lai through an article in the newspaper. He is a great expert of children’s folk games. We decide to invite him to our school to make a speech on children’s folk games, and to demonstrate his specialty in children’s folk games. Through interviews, we understand the whole process of his creation. Though he has encountered a variety of frustrations, he never gives up. The more difficulties he encounters, the braver he becomes. We are moved and fascinated by his courageous spirit. Therefore, we are determined to ask Mr. Lin to help us for our case study so that it will help people find more joys of their childhood.

            Teachers and students are discussing the research project.

            Mr. Lin Shin-lai is invited to introduce children's folk games in our school.

4. The Influence and Impact of This Research Project
        Guan-yin is merely a coastal town in the countryside near the Taoyuan International Airport. In recent years, tourism has contributed to the development of economic power. The business of Lotus Garden Sightseeing Activities is thriving. However, people are ignoring their local color and cultural values.

    In the pure land of Guan-yin, Mr. Lin Shin-lai’s creation of children’s folk games helps people recover the joys of childhood in the past. So we hope that creating children’s folk games can become a new trend to enable people here to live a lively and energetic life.

5. Acknowledgements
        We would like to express our gratitude to Miss Ke Shu-huei for her arrangement of the interviews with Mr. Lin Shin-lai. We are also deeply grateful to Mr. Yang Hau-cheng, who records our activities. Besides, he teaches us computer skills enthusiastically at noon break so that we own our website. We also wish to express our thanks to Miss Lin Jing-feng and Miss Wang Ting-yi. They teach us not only the skills of interviewing the children’s folk game expert, but also the methods to draw up our reports. Finally, we are grateful to the children’s folk game expert, Mr. Lin Shin-lai for his wonderful performance and inspiring speech at our school.

Without these teachers’ valuable support and perspicacious guidance, the completion of this research would have been impossible. We owe enormous debts of gratitude for their instruction.

6. Comprehension, Inspiration and Amazement

(1)   Comprehension: The material to create children’s folk games is ubiquitous. We can make use of anything around us for the creation of children’s folk toys. As long as we try again and again, we will succeed. 

(2)   Inspiration: In order to have a perfect performance of the report. We need a set of computer equipment to facilitate our work. In addition, we realize that we have to do our work step by step in an effective and efficient way, for more haste, less speed. We have to pay attention to every detail to ensure that we have done a good job.

(3)Amazement: The computer is becoming more and more human. It is not a stiff substance, and so are traditional children’s folk games. It is great fun to play these children’s folk games without spending a lot of money.

Mr. Lin shin-lai is introducing his works. Children's folk games are greatfun.  We work hard to take notes during the interview. Mr. Lin Shin-lai is explaning how to play the wire loop game.
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